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Special Needs Tutor

Special Needs Tutor

A special needs tutor works with students from various learning backgrounds to develop their learning skills in a new way that fits their needs. Sometimes students have learning needs that mean they aren’t able to retain information properly from the classroom or traditional learning methods. With our special needs tutors, we know how to target special needs students and build strategies that work for them so they can excel both in and outside of the classroom. Our special needs tutors are all licensed professionals who have extensive backgrounds in working with students that have special needs, so you can rest easy knowing your student is in good care.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Regardless of what learning background your student comes from, we’re here to offer our professional special needs tutoring services to accommodate all of those cases. We do this by offering 1-on-1 tutoring with your special needs student, so that they have extra time and attention dedicated to just them and their learning journey. This enables the student to feel safe in a controlled environment and allows them to ask as many questions as they want, take as long as they need to with a subject, and work thoroughly to develop their learning skills.


ADHD and ADD are two similar learning backgrounds that often deter a student’s concentration while in the classroom. Students that come from these learning backgrounds often need different environments to nourish their learning capabilities. Working in classrooms and having to take in information in one sitting can sometimes be too daunting. Instead, we have integrative and comprehensive learning methods that get them excited about the subject material and eager to learn it as well. More often than not, students that have ADHD or ADD don’t struggle with the material itself, but rather how it’s taught. So why not make the learning process a bit more fun?

Blindness and Deafness

If your student is blind or deaf and, as a result, is unable to learn from traditional learning methods, we can provide tailored assistance that includes Braille studies, as well as sign language practice. We have tutors that are certified to tackle those special backgrounds and can communicate coherently and efficiently with your student. We know that it can be challenging to have your student feel as though they are part of their peers and we want to help them build up their confidence to be the next leader of their peers!

Autism Spectrum

We also have experience in working with students that come from the autism spectrum. Our licensed tutors are capable of working with your student, no matter where they are on the spectrum. We believe the best approach to working with autism is to embrace it and integrate it into the learning strategy so that your student is both confident and proud moving forward. Furthermore, we want students to feel comfortable with themselves so they can feel comfortable with the subject material and truly learn to retain the information.

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