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SAT Tutoring

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The SAT is another popular standardized test that is accepted at all universities across the country. The test is scored on a scale of 400-1200 and typically focuses more heavily on reading, writing, and language skills, in comparison to the ACT. We provide tutoring assistance to students who are preparing for the SAT and are looking to improve their scores before submitting them to their desired university. When considering your ideal score, we also encourage you to consider the score required for admissions into your student's favorite university.

Improving SAT Score

Improving your student's SAT score is done in the same fashion as improving an ACT score. We achieve this by utilizing previous SATs and practice tests that are made available so that we can assess where your student is on various topics. This will help us see which topics they comprehend better than others, where they could use improvement, and what test-taking skills they could utilize to improve their test-taking experience. We will also work with them on all of the subjects on the test, setting up future practice tests the same way the original test is set up, using some sections with calculators and others without.

Practice Tests

Practice tests are a fantastic way to test your student’s aptitude on the subject material that is listed on the SAT. This allows us to narrow in on specific topics so that tutoring can be more beneficial when working towards a specific score. While we integrate all subjects into our tutoring, we want to work with your student one-on-one to improve the subjects that they test lower in, so that their combined overall score is much higher. This can be achieved through consistent practice tests, studying the subjects that the student could use improvement in, and understanding the content further.

Reading and Writing

The SAT tends to integrate reading and writing into its subject matter, along with language arts and English skills. Because of this, we're dedicated to working with students more closely so that they can enhance their language skills even further. The language skills, such as reading comprehension and writing, are extremely useful for other sections of the test, including the math section, where the students will likely have to read extensive math problems. Your student will have a little over an hour and a half to complete the reading comprehension, writing, and English language sections of the test.


Lastly, both tests have optional essay sections that don't necessarily count toward your student's final score but can enhance their test overall. We encourage students to incorporate essay writing into their tests so that they can be graded on those capabilities when submitting their test scores to potential universities. We can work with students on essay writing, proofreading, grammar, and sentence structure as well. Practice essays and short stories are a great way to practice writing extended content, storytelling, and compelling arguments, as these are topics that the university will consider when they see your student's SAT scores.

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