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Reading Comprehension Tutors

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As the city's Premier tutoring center, we can also provide reading comprehension tutoring to your student that struggles with reading content, as well as understanding context, grammar, and comprehending overall text. We believe reading comprehension is vital to student development because it is a skill that they will use in every other subject moving forward including math and science.

Reading Comprehension and Understanding

Reading comprehension and understanding is done by slowly building your students reading capacity and understanding of short stories. Short stories then move on to a longer story is an essay so that your student has exposure to various types of texts and can decipher what the story and meaning are of each one. When it comes to reading comprehension, we will leave and starting slow and gradually building our way up to long to texts so that your student is not overwhelmed. This can then lead to reading books, magazines, and other forms of long text.


Along with reading comprehension, we are also here to work with your students to enhance their grammar skills. We will work on spelling, punctuation, tenses, and other grammatical factors that are important when it comes to writing and speaking. Grammar is very crucial to your student’s learning because it is something that they will encounter and every other subject such as foreign languages, language arts, math, and even science. When it comes to tutoring students in grammar, we provide practice worksheets and exercises that enable them to see all of the rules of grammar being used and how to take notice of them, correct them, and even use proper grammar in their speech, too.


Along with adequate grammar skills, we are also here to tutor your student I'm vocabulary and enhancing their existing vocabulary. Grammar and vocabulary go hand-in-hand because they help develop better writers and speakers. Overall, our goal is to help your students master the English language, learn how to read and comprehend complicated texts, write essays with little issue, and do so with proper grammar and extended vocabulary. If your student already received vocabulary lessons from school, we can assist them in vocabulary study methods such as flashcards, as well as incorporating new vocabulary words into their daily speech so that they are more memorable.

English As A Second Language Tutoring

If your student is receiving English as a second language in school, they made need more assistance outside of school to enhance their language skills, especially if they are still speaking their first language at home. We assist students that are learning English as a second language by emphasizing their reading comprehension skills, writing skills, grammar skills, and vocabulary. We have found that many students who are studying English as a second language and receive outside tutoring often improve their English language skills in school and become more confident with their language skills as they improve. This can also lead to better social skills and participation in the classroom.

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