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Math Tutoring

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Math tutoring is available to students that need extra assistance when it comes to specific math subjects. There are four main disciplines of math that we tutor in including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. We also help students that are just learning the basics of math and could use the outside practice to better their existing grades in the classroom. We believe in the importance of math tutoring because math is a subject that builds upon other concepts, so when these concepts are not understood, the student is not able to move forward.

Algebra Tutoring

When it comes to algebra tutoring we can assist in basic algebra, explanations, math homework tutoring, and much more. We can help students with word problems, finding values, as well as solving algebraic equations. The basics of algebra are needed to move on to geometry, as the geometry will often require finding the value of certain shapes. We can tutor your student in pre-algebra, algebra, and any other extension of algebra that they are currently studying in school. Algebra can be challenging for some students but doesn’t need to be with the right learning tools, extra practice, and resources.

Geometry Tutoring

Geometry tutoring, like algebra tutoring, requires knowledge of the basic concepts that were learned in algebra. Geometry focuses on shapes and sizes of objects and requires the student to understand how to solve for the value of the missing factor, as well as determining the various shapes that are present in the study of geometry. Geometry tends to be one of the easier subjects of the four concepts but carries significant value when understanding how to navigate object shapes and their angles and sizes.

Trigonometry Tutoring

Trigonometry concentrates on the different concepts of Sine, Cosine, and Tangent, which are, in essence, relationships relevant to the sides of a triangle. To understand trigonometry, the student will need to have an understanding of both algebra and geometry combined so that they can identify a triangle and solve for its missing values. This is because trigonometry focuses on the sizing and fitting of angles within a triangle, and the student will need algebraic equations to solve for the missing value, along with shape identification to determine if the shape qualifies as a triangle. Although it may sound confusing, it won’t be after some extensive tutoring and practice time.

Calculus Tutoring

Lastly, we offer calculus tutoring for students that have mastered all of their other math disciplines and need some extra assistance when it comes to completing their calculus homework or in preparation for an upcoming standardized test. Calculus essentially looks at how functions are conceived and calculated and are the most challenging subject of the concepts. Many students that take calculus do so in their last year of high school and are looking to finish up the year strong before graduation. Don’t let your calculus class drag down your GPA, we are here to help you ace the final calculus class!

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