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Home School Tutoring

SAT Tutor

Home school tutoring is the perfect resource for those students that are traditionally homeschooled but could use extra practice on subject fields that you may not teach in-depth, or for those that want some assistance and explanations from another resource. Homeschool tutoring is a great way to emphasize what your student is learning at home by practicing it with a tutor at our facility. Sometimes, we find that some parents have trouble explaining certain subjects, while other times the student just needs more study time on the topic before it’s fully understood. We can help provide resources for both needs and everything in between.

Homework Tutoring

Homework tutoring is done one-on-one with our tutors, with significant time spent on each subject matter to ensure that the student understands it fully. Do you have specific teaching methods that you’ve instilled into your student? No problem! Just let us know what teaching methods you prefer so that we know how to reinforce those when tutoring your student in our facility and assisting them with some of their homework.

Extra Practice

Something that most parents are looking for when they bring their students to our tutoring facility, is to give them extra practice on subjects and topics that they otherwise don’t have at home. If a student is homeschooled, it can sometimes be hard for them to stay motivated or interested in the home and after school hours, so gaining extra and outside practice is a great way to maintain their focus while also recommunicating and revisiting the subject material at hand. This will also allow us to assess how much of the subject matter the student has actually absorbed during the initial lesson in the home and if anything needs to be studied further.

Alternative Learning Methods

Other times, some parents that homeschool their children may find that certain explanations and methods make sense to them but don’t make sense to the student. Sometimes, approaching the subject with an alternative learning method, such as a catchphrase, something easy to remember, or a visual, is a fun way to get your student to better understand the topic and to remember it with ease in the future. We find that alternative learning methods work well for students that struggle in math, as some may have particular ways that make more sense than others.

Specialized Assistance

Lastly, if you have any other subject areas that you would like us to focus on during our tutoring sessions with your student that is being homeschooled, we’d be happy to generate a plan to do so and integrate those needs into our learning program. Some parents have asked us in the past to help their students find books to read to practice reading comprehension, while others have asked for assistance when it comes to answering questions, public speaking, and overall confidence in the classroom. These are all skills that we’d gladly help you and your student work together on for long-term results and improvement.

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