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ACT Tutoring


The ACTs are aptitude tests that are used by many universities to measure your student's suitability for the school. The test covers the main subject areas of reading, English, math, and science. It is scored out of a total of 36 points, with 36 being the highest score available. If your student is considering taking the ACT, we would first encourage them to consider the scores needed for admission to their desired university, so that we can work with the desired score. Some universities have higher admissions scores than others and these changes from college to college.

Improving ACT Score

To improve ACT scores, we'll first need to understand what areas of the test your student is struggling in. We assess this by giving them a practice test that allows us to see what their potential score is with the given information. This will also allow us to follow up and review the areas that are weaker than others and focus on those heavily during tutoring. We don’t necessarily aim for perfection, but we want your bring out as much potential in your student as possible and encourage them to get the best score that they can.

Practice Tests

One of the best ways to improve one's test-taking skills is with many practice tests. These practice tests can provide a new learning benefit every time they've taken, whether it's analyzing the questions differently or managing the time in a new way, the practice tests are intended to help your student get as much exposure and practice as possible to the test. We can offer a series of older edition tests that are used for practice, as well as common questions that we have seen used on the tests in the past. We'll then elaborate on the wrong answers so that your student understands why they're wrong and can learn how to navigate the right answers while on a time crunch.

Math and Science

The ACT tends to focus on math and science, with the two subjects taking up nearly an hour and a half of the total test-taking time. This means that we're able to work on your student's math and science skills more, ensuring that they're up to do date with theories, algebraic equations, and are quick to problem solve. If reading and writing tend to be their weaker subjects, we'll focus heavily on these as well so that scores on both sections of the test can score well to create a better overall score.

Test-taking Tips

As mentioned previously, we're happy to offer your student test-taking tips as well, such as managing their time accordingly, narrowing answers down through the process of elimination, underlying important info while reading, and drawing graphs or diagrams when completing a math problem. All of these tips are useful for students that are under pressure to find the right answer. Other useful tips include staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and what to do when they aren’t sure of the right answer.

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