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Does your student struggle in particular subjects at school? Or, could they use some extra assistance when it comes to standardized testing and practice? If so, you are likely in need of a professional tutoring company that can offer you such services. Professional tutoring companies offer a variety of tutoring solutions for your student so that they are able to succeed and excel in school. If your student’s academics are important to you, then be sure to get them the extra help they need with a professional tutoring company!

About Us

Lighthouse Point Tutoring has been properly serving the Lighthouse Point, FL area for many years with a team of qualified and dedicated tutors. We offer premier tutoring with a range of tutoring services to accommodate your student’s needs. We offer the best tutors in the area, especially for special needs students, ACT and SAT tutoring, and much more. When you’re thinking of ways to improve your student’s academics, test-taking skills, and overall comprehension of subject matter, be sure to come to us and let us bring out your student’s learning potential!

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    Our Services

    As the city’s go-to tutoring company, we are proud to employ a team of certified tutors who were able to tutor your student with the utmost standards of professionalism in the industry. We have a range of tutoring services available to accommodate your needs including special needs tutoring, ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, math tutoring, home school tutoring, and reading comprehension tutoring. Our tutors are dedicated to working with your student in a relaxed environment that fosters positive learning and understanding.

    Special Needs Tutoring

    Special needs tutoring is available for those students that require a little extra assistance in school and with personal development. We offer special needs tutoring for those students that have ADD, ADHD, and other learning needs that require one-on-one tutoring in order for them to excel in particular subjects.

    Tutors who care
    ACT Tutoring

    ACT tutoring is a starting point for most high school students that are looking to improve their ACT scores as much as possible before submitting test scores to their desired universities. To ace the test to the best standard, we recommend students consider their preference for the ACT or the SAT. The contents of both tests differ, as the ACT concentrates on math and science concepts while the SAT includes more time for language arts.

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    SAT Tutoring

    SAT tutoring is available to help your student excel on the SATs. For these tests, we work to enhance their reading, writing, English, and language skills as those make up the majority of the test's material. We can also work with your student to provide practice tests so that they are able to continually improve their skill and their test-taking efforts. While the SAT has a larger section on its language components, we’re also here to enhance your student’s math skills as well, especially for the parts of the test that don’t allow calculators.

    Lighthouse Point Tutoring - Math Tutoring 2
    Math Tutoring

    Math tutoring is available to the students that need extra assistance when it comes to specific math disciplines. We offer assistance in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. We believe in the importance of your student's understanding of these concepts in order to move forward as they build upon one another and become more complicated.

    Lighthouse Point Tutoring - Home School Tutoring 2
    Home School Tutoring

    Home school tutoring provides an opportunity for your student to learn in an environment outside of the home. Often some students may also struggle with particular concepts that are tied at home but learn to understand them further with more tutoring and practice. If you homeschool your student and there are particular subjects that you have trouble teaching or explaining, we would be happy to assist you in teaching the subjects.

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    Reading Comprehension Tutors

    Reading comprehension tutors are available to enhance your student's reading, writing, and language skills. Reading comprehension is an important skill to develop because it is used throughout every other subject including math and science. As your student continues to advance through school, they will also be required to read books and develop compelling essays. We can assist them in enhancing such skills.

    Contact Us Today

    If you are interested in learning more about our professional tutoring services and would like to schedule a time for your student to work with us, then be sure to get in contact with us today. You can easily do so by reaching out to us on the service number provided on our website or through the contact form on our homepage. When you decide to get in touch, you will be connected to a member of our tutoring team who can answer any questions that you may have about our tutoring services as well as the teaching methods that we use. If you would like to receive a free quote regarding any of our tutoring services, you can also do so by completing the contact form on our page.

    "I'm so happy with the tutoring services that Lighthouse Point Tutoring was able to give my son over the years. He has ADHD, which makes it difficult for him to study the same way his peers do. After I got him extra tutoring, however, he was easily able to pick up subjects without issue and just need extra time to fully understand them." – Deborah T.

    “I had been looking for a professional tutoring company in the Lighthouse Point area that specialized in standardized testing. I came across Lighthouse Point Tutoring, who was able to offer both ACT and SAT tutoring. I am so pleased because now my daughter will have the chance to study for those tests before actually taking them." – Tanya W.

    “We have referred all of our students to Lighthouse Point Tutoring over the years because they are really professional, friendly, and the kids love them. They’re a great place with fantastic tutors and I can’t recommend them enough for any extra learning assistance that your kids many need!” – Cynthia P.